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Important information
08 February 2018 16:48

With the entry into force of the «visa-free» regime, became more frequent the cases of detention of Ukrainian citizens (mostly women) at the airport of Larnaca during the crossing of the state border of Cyprus.

The common reasons are the absence of documents to confirm the purpose of trip, the place of residence, your further intention to return to Ukraine, the lack of sufficient financial resources for the whole period of trip (at least €50 per day), the provision of false/contradictory information, or the inability to explain the purpose of the trip.

You could become an "undesirable" tourist if you had worked previously in Turkish entertaining establishments, were noticed in contacts with unreliable persons who, e.g., are related to the illegal employment of foreigners in Cyprus.

Also could be refused in entering Cyprus the persons previously deported from the EU Member States with an entry ban for a certain period, illegally worked in Cyprus, stayed longer than expected, or those who travel to the Republic of Cyprus for the purpose of stay, residence or participation in official events in the occupied territory (north of the island).

It is important to remember that even if a person, formally, has all necessary documents, he or she may be denied entering to Cyprus with the formulation that "submitted documents do not confirm the mentioned purpose of the trip (e.g., tourism)."
According to the common practice, such (female) citizens are placed in the center for detainees at the airport with the further deporting to Ukraine by the nearest flight, in case if there are seats available in the plane. Sometimes, if the police have data on previous illegal employment of a person, violation of the visa regime, etc., the entry ban into Cyprus (from 6 months to 5 years) may be introduced.

The Embassy always provides assistance to Ukrainian citizens, in particular, by contacting the Cypriot police to find the reason for detention. However, we cannot help you to enter Cyprus and to prevent your deportation, interfering in the immigration policy or procedures of another country.

In this regard, we remind you that the biometric passport of a citizen of Ukraine does not allow you and your guests to ignore the established visa and immigration rules of the Republic of Cyprus.

At the same time, if you are ready to justify the purpose and conditions of your stay in Cyprus during your passport control, do not worry! In this case, you will not have problems with the crossing of the border from the part of the migration service.

If in your opinion, you were illegally detained/deported from the country, we kindly ask you to contact the police with a written application, a complaint, by sending a copy of this appeal to the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Cyprus ([email protected]). 

Common reasons for Some detention of the foreigners, including Ukrainians in Cyprus airports: the absence of documents confirming the purpose of travel, place of residence, the intention to return to Ukraine (proplachenny return air ticket (proplachenny hotel apartment rent contract etc..) ), the lack of sufficient funds for stay (minimum of 50 euros day), provision of false / inconsistent information, or the failure to explain the purpose of the trip.

It is worth remembering that if you are coming to Cyprus at the invitation of friends, relatives, etc., it is recommended to carry out a form «Assumption of responsibility of hosting», where the inviting party confirms that takes all costs receiving a third country national on (the form can be found on the website of the Migration service of Cyprus). It is also necessary to issue a bank guarantee in the event of a guest from Cyprus deportation (for Asian nationals amount of the bank guarantee of 855 euros for the countries of Eastern Europe - 515 Euro, for the Middle East - 340 Euro).

Refused entry to Cyprus to persons who were deported from EU member states to ban the entry for a specific term, working illegally in Cyprus, remained for a longer period than provided for, or sent to the Republic of Cyprus for the purpose of stay, accommodation , training or participation in official events in the occupied territories (north of the island).

Presentation of Passport Upon control in hotels Reservation, Located in the SO-Called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", or oral declaration of the intention to to reside there, relax, learn, you will of the BE Definitely denied entry Into the Republic of Cyprus.

Chance to Become of The "undesirable" Tourists are persons Previously the who worked in entertainment establishments in Turkey, have Been in the seen acquaintance properties with unreliable persons the who, Including are related to the illegal employment of foreigners in Cyprus.

At the same time, if you are willing to justify the purpose and conditions of his stay in Cyprus, during the passport control behave calmly and sincerely, and you will not have problems with crossing the border.

It should also be remembered that even if the foreigner has, at first glance, all the necessary documents, he may be refused entry - it is solely the prerogative of the Migration Service of Cyprus.

The Embassy has always provided prompt assistance to Ukrainian citizens, who were detained at the airport, in particular, is in contact with the Cyprus Migration Service, clarifies the circumstances and the grounds for detention, receives other information. If necessary, we will contact with relatives of the detainees, provide information within their competence. It should be noted that the competent authorities of Cyprus Embassy promptly respond to requests and provide all the necessary information.

At the same time, we have always stressed that the Embassy can not influence the decision of the Migration Service of Cyprus and to help the citizen to enter Cyprus, as well as to prevent his deportation.

In case of disagreement with the actions of the Cypriot authorities, every foreigner has the right to appeal them in court with proper evidence.

According to the existing local practices, detained during passport control citizens are placed in the room, Detention Center, which is located directly at the airport.

In the case of the adoption of the Migration Service of the relevant decision to ban such citizens to be deported to Ukraine next flight, subject to availability of seats in the aircraft of airlines that foreigner arrived in Cyprus.

The period of stay in the center of detention depends on the load of the aircraft and varies from a few hours to 2-3 days.

Depending on the situation, in particular in the case of the data relative to the previous illegal employment of persons visa violations, and imposes a ban on entry into Cyprus from 6 months to 5 years.

Biometric passport is not entitled to disregard the established visa and immigration rules in Cyprus.

The most common stereotype of our citizens - it is hoped that the biometric passport guarantees the opportunity to stay in Cyprus 90 days, without the consent of that period with the competent authorities of Cyprus.

Visa-free regime and the biometric passport of the citizen of Ukraine is not a guarantee of a 90-day stay on the island. It is important to understand that the period of stay in Cyprus is determined by the Migration Service of Cyprus on the basis of the submitted documents.

If, during the passport control you have not been informed about the permitted period of stay in Cyprus, do not hesitate to ask, because it affects, will you have problems with the competent authorities in the future and whether it will lead to deportation.

In the event of a change of plans for the period of stay in Cyprus, you must notify the Migration Service and get her permission.

Cyprus is an EU member but not part of the Schengen zone. As well as Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania . Staying in these countries do not include the period of stay in the Schengen area ( 90 days). But for each of these countries visa- free stay is considered individually.

Therefore, for every 180 calendar days, which follow each other, the Ukrainians have a right to be in Cyprus in total not more than 90 days.

It is enough to exceed the rate for one day - and you become a violator of the visa regime: on the border awaits deportation and prohibition of entry stamp.

It is clear that this regime does not apply to persons who intend to come to Cyprus for the purpose of employment or study.

Is a legal-It stay on the Territory of the SO-Called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus"?

The proclamation of the so-called " Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" has been condemned by the international community, and she declared illegal international relations. With the exception of Turkey, no country in the world or international organization does not recognize the territory.

In accordance with the decision of the Republic of Kazakhstan, all the ports and airports located in the occupied territory are closed, and entry into the territory of Cyprus is prohibited and considered a violation of the national legislation of RK.

Cypriot authorities allowed a visit to the occupied northern part of the island only a short-term goal with the intersection controlled by UN forces dividing "green line" through certain internationally accepted and recognized by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus checkpoints. The return of the territory controlled by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, is also carried out through the appropriate checkpoints.

At the entrance to Ukrainian citizens on the territory of Cyprus through the illegal entry / exit points are located in the north of the island is not allowed to cross the demarcation line to the south, in connection with which a person is detained and prosecuted in accordance with applicable legislation of the Republic of Cyprus for illegal entry into its territory.

Also, upon detection of the fact of direct entry to the northern part of the island in the future apply to the entry ban in Cyprus and Greece.

In recent years, social networks are quite common advertising positions on the benefits of life in the occupied part of the island, employment opportunities, or to purchase a property at an attractive price.

Acquisition of real estate in the occupied territory at the present owners is illegal and immediately appealed to national and international courts, the legitimate owners - the refugees from the area. Such lawsuits lead to its loss.

When choosing a holiday in the occupied territory of Cyprus, tourists deprive themselves of consular protection and assistance, as in the case of arrest or injury of the insured event, illness or death - they are left unprotected.

Just stay in the hotels, which are located in the occupied areas and belong to Greek Cypriots and illegally operated, it creates a significant risk of possible legal action by the owners.

Added to this is the inability to register a child born in the occupied territory, to issue him a passport document, or, in the case study, to recognize a diploma, travel documents, residence permits and the like. After all, the documents issued in the occupied territories are not recognized by other countries.

If necessary, contact the Embassy of Ukraine in Nicosia to carry passport, notarial acts, etc., These citizens are faced with the problem of passage through the legal checkpoints located on the territory, which is controlled by the Government of Kazakhstan, because they have no legal residence permit in Cyprus.

Unfortunately, from time to time there are annoying situation when Ukrainians, ignoring warnings to visit the occupied part, consciously enter it through the island located on the north of the illegal entry / exit points and find themselves in a difficult situation - we are talking about sexual exploitation or labor slavery.

In the event of such cases it is very difficult to provide the Embassy consular protection and assistance by the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus. After all, the non-recognition of the territory by the international community and condemnation Cypriot side of official contacts with the administration of the occupied territory makes it impossible for the effective protection of citizens.

* * *

Recent years with In, IT is really Possible to ascertain the Increasing 'demand on the part of the Competent Authorities store of Cyprus for foreigners, Including Ukrainians Supporting documents to the verify the Fulfillment of the conditions of entry.

Embassy of Ukraine in Cyprus permanently monitors the observance of the rights of Ukrainian citizens, taking measures to prevent and eliminate any discriminatory practices against them.

At the Embassy website under "Consular Issues " contains advice and tips Ukrainian citizens who plan to carry out a trip to Cyprus, with the warnings and cautions about possible problems at the entrance to the country. Strongly advise everybody who intends to visit Cyprus , get acquainted with them.

When you go to Cyprus as a  tourist, you must have several supporting documents, such as:

  • A passport or travel document, issued in the past ten years, valid for at least three more months after leaving Cyprus
  • Flight tickets/itinerary, which show the entry and departure dates from Cyprus. The ticket must be round trip.
  • Proof of sufficient funds which will cover the duration of your stay in Cyprus (eg. bank statements from the past three months).
  • Proof of accommodation in Cyprus, such as a hotel reservation
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